Surviving university

I am still a university student so I had the idea to write a guide about surviving university. Since I am still studying my guide is going to change as the years go by. This particular guide is based on my own personal experience this year.

  1. Be honest with yourself: Being honest with yourself is the best thing that you can do. Sometimes things do not go the way you expected and being in denial won’t help. A friend of mine made the brave decision to change her course in our first year when she was honest  with herself, and realized that she wasn’t enjoying her course. It wasn’t an easy decision to make because she didn’t want to disappoint anyone. At the end of the day it is her future that she is working towards. She ended up changing courses, and she couldn’t be happier. Therefore being honest with yourself and the people who you care about is important.
  2. Time management: Time management is very important. Planning ahead and having a schedule saves a lot of time and makes you more organized. It helps you prioritize and get your work done before your deadlines. I’m still working on my own time management skills.
  3. Support System: Surround yourself with a good support system. Having people who have the same vision as you is important.You will all work towards the same goal and support each other when time gets rough.
  4. Procrastination: Procrastination is a huge problem!! Make sure that you do not procrastinate. Having proper time management will help you not to procrastinate as you know what to do and when to do it. I won’t lie procrastination is still a problem for me but I am trying my best to rectify that problem.
  5. Have fun: Make sure that you also balance out your studies by having fun. As the way all work and no play makes Tom a dull boy.

These are just five tips that I thought were important at this particular point in time. Remember to never give up on your dreams. Everyone’s journey is different therefore embrace your journey. It may take you longer than other people to get to where you are going but that is okay. Your is journey is your own. It may lead you to uncharted waters but that is the beauty of the journey. These uncharted waters may lead you to places that you never imagined.


Keep on working hard towards your dreams. Never give up or let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Reach for the stars.

Lots of love,



Formal 2016

It is that time of year again where residences at my university have their end of year functions. I always look forward to this particular time during the year as I get to dress up with my friends. This year we all wanted to go all out,look gorgeous and have an awesome time with each other. We started looking for dresses early in the year in order to avoid doing last minute shopping. Ironically all of us found our dresses the closer we got to the date of formal. There were a few moments of panic when it seemed like we couldn’t find dresses that we really loved. The worst thing was when we would find dresses but they were really expensive. Overall everything came together and worked out.

The theme was modern versus vintage. Majority of the people who attended went for modern. It was really interesting seeing people’s interpretations of the theme. My friend’s and I all went for modern but we each had our own interpretation of what modern is to us. This was very apparent in the dresses that we all picked. Here a couple of pictures from our end of year function.

Thank you for everyone who takes their time to read my blog. Sorry for the lack of blog posts. School has been very hectic but everything is back to normal now.

Lots of love,



Friday afternoons

One of the things that my friends and I like doing on Friday afternoon’s is to have picnics. University can get very stressful so what better way to relax than to have good food with great company. Here is my guide to having the perfect picnic:

  1. Great weather: Make sure that it is a sunny afternoon. Imagine get sun-kissed by the sun while the clouds go by in a tranquil blue sky. Of course having a slight breeze to cool you off wouldn’t be too bad. A sunny afternoon wouldn’t be complete without your shades making an appearance 🙂
  2. Awesome company: A picnic is never complete without awesome company.Great conversation with people who understand you, and challenge you to think outside the box is a must.
  3. Delicious food: When it comes to food you can go all out. It is up to you to decide what you want to bring. Your options are unlimited from junk food to healthy food or a combination of the two. You can even include food that has sentimental value to you or that you associate with good memories.
  4. A picnic playlist:  A playlist is a must.Music helps you set the mood that you are going for. It also helps you relax and just enjoy the moment.


In life you meet awesome people who change your life for the better. People who just blow your mind with their outlook on life, their generosity and the lengths that they are willing to go for you. I have been privileged to have met people like that. People who have changed my life for the better, and challenged me to come out of my comfort zone. I literally don’t know how many times I thank God for those people.

Unfortunately the last couple of months have been challenging.A lot has been happening to the people who I love,and care about it. It literally breaks my heart when I have to watch someone who I care about go through a difficult time. I think what makes it so hard is the feeling of being helpless. Sometimes there is nothing that you can do or say to make a situation better. All you can do is be there if they need to talk. Sometimes I even wonder if that is enough.

People always say life is short, and normally we never really pay attention to those words.Life truly is short. I have learnt the importance of cherishing every moment that I have with people. I have learnt to give more of myself and to be more present in each and every moment. I am still learning and becoming a better person. The lesson that I have learnt so far is that life isn’t fair.There are some situations that happen and you don’t understand why. The only thing that you can do is make the best of every situation.The quote below pretty much sums up my new outlook on things.

“The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of one’s self to others.”- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. I may not be able to change people’s situations but I can give a large part myself to them, and be that constant positive in their life.


Birthday Celebration fit for a queen.

I recently went to another birthday celebration. My friend Nompumelelo more commonly known as Mpumie was celebrating her birthday Everyone who knows Mpumie knows that she loves good food, and an awesome selfie. We went to Monte Casino in Fourways to celebrate her birthday.

Monte Casino is a place that gives you a feel of olden day architecture. From the cobbled streets, to the picturesque skyline and the buildings that have a Tuscan style. You literally get taken away to another place.Personally it just makes me want to go to Italy, and really get the full experience. We went out to dinner at Billy G’s where they made sure that we were seated in a nice spot, and that the birthday girl was happy.

Everyone looked good.The birthday girl sure did look stunning. Wearing a three piece ensemble that was paired with a tiara. We all made sure that we looked good because Mpumie is not called the selfie queen for nothing. We took tons of pictures throughout the evening to help us capture the moment.

It was an extremely beautiful moment filled with loads of love, laughter and happiness. Of course there was a lot of delicious food and cake. No dinner or celebration is ever complete without loads of food. To the birthday girl I hope you had a beautiful evening, and cheers to many more to come.


Dinner with the girls.

I recently went out for dinner with some of my friends to celebrate my 21st birthday. I was really looking forward to spending my day with people that I care about. Birthdays for me are an opportunity to get everyone that I care about in the same room. An opportunity to create priceless memories in a very unpredictable world. They give me a moment for me to be thankful for all the blessings that I have in my life, and silently thank God for the friends that he has blessed me with.

We went to one of my favourite restaurants that I recently wrote about Piza E vino. The atmosphere there is always welcoming and we got to sit in one of the rooms that I have been dying to try out. It has a beautiful huge book-case filled with books, and bottles of wine.I love reading so for me that was a wonderful sight.  If I had more time I would spent more time exploring the book case and the books that it contained.

The highlight of my evening was looking up, and seeing everyone enjoying themselves. In as much as the dinner was for my birthday it was very heart warming seeing everyone enjoying themselves. Thank you to everyone who came. You made my birthday extra special 🙂



Pyjama Movie Night

I recently had a pyjama movie night with my friends  and the other girls from my residence in Rosebank. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be wearing my pyjama’s outside. It was new experience that turned out to be a wonderful adventure. When we arrived in Rosebank no one wanted to go outside first. People were literally staring at the large group of girls walking around in their sleepwear. Everyone eventually got used to all the eyes and just carried on as normal. Walking around in sleepwear became our new normal. I decided that it was a new experience that I was going to embrace. Our first stop was Starbucks where we all got different drinks. I decided to get a frappuccino which I thoroughly enjoyed. After our stop at Starbucks it was time for our movie. There is honestly nothing better than watching a movie in your pyjama’s. You are literally so comfortable, and not being squeezed to death by your jeans. All in all I had a memorable night. Would I do it again? Probably not but this one for the bucket list.