16 things for 2016

As the year comes to an end I thought I would write about the 16 things that I learnt this year. 2016 has been a year of learning, growth and maturity.

1.       No matter how bleak things look never give up: Everything always works out in the end. Sometimes we are faced with situations that are really bleak. Situations that never look like they are going to get better. Well they will get better all you have to do is hang in there.

2.       Work hard towards your goals: Whatever your goal is make sure that you put in a lot of effort towards that goal. The only way you are going to achieve your goal is through hard work, effort and determination.

3.       Take care of yourself: Take time to take care of yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. You can only be at your best if you take time to look after yourself.

4.       Always have a budget: It is so easy to spend your money, and then wonder where it all went. The best way to prevent that is to always have a budget. Once you have a budget you have to make sure that you stick to it, and do not make impulsive purchases.

5.       Learn from your mistakes: Learn from the mistakes that you made this year. We all make mistakes. The best thing that you can do is learn from, leave them in past and not make the same mistake again.

6.       Letting go: Sometimes you just have to let go of things. Some people are only meant to be in your life for a season. Letting go isn’t always easy but you have to put yourself first, and do what is best for you.

7.       Always be honest with yourself: Never lie to yourself. Always make time for self-introspection in order to see whether you are headed in the direction that you want to be headed in.

8.       Surround yourself with good friends: Good friends are a must. Surround yourself with people who have the same vision as you. People who are headed in the same direction as you. People who have the same values as you.

9.       Make your own decisions: Always make our own decisions. In as much as we get advice from friends and family you have to make your own decisions. Be your own person, and make your own choices after considering the advice you have been given. People may not understand the choices that you make but sometimes they aren’t meant to.

10.   Everyone is not going to like you: It is everyone that you come across who is going to like you. There is nothing that you can about that nor should you try to change that. Just carry on being yourself. The people who are truly meant to be in your life are the ones who will know the real you, and love you just the way you are.

11.   Have fun: Enjoy life, and have fun. Spend your time with people who make you happy. Go out exploring and just live life.

12.   Believe in yourself: Believe that you can do whatever it is that you want to do. Don’t give up because of self-doubt. You can do.

13.   Do not take other people for granted: Spend time with people who you care about. Make sure that they know that you care.

14.   Never give: Keep on moving forward.

15.    Be honest: Telling the truth isn’t always easy. However, being honest from the beginning is better than having to tell lies to cover up from that small little lie.

16. Don’t let fear hold you back: Doing new things or even meeting new people can be scary. Do not let fear hold you back from doing whatever it is that you want to do. It will be worth it in the end.

Bye 2016!!

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