Birthday Celebration fit for a queen.

I recently went to another birthday celebration. My friend Nompumelelo more commonly known as Mpumie was celebrating her birthday Everyone who knows Mpumie knows that she loves good food, and an awesome selfie. We went to Monte Casino in Fourways to celebrate her birthday.

Monte Casino is a place that gives you a feel of olden day architecture. From the cobbled streets, to the picturesque skyline and the buildings that have a Tuscan style. You literally get taken away to another place.Personally it just makes me want to go to Italy, and really get the full experience. We went out to dinner at Billy G’s where they made sure that we were seated in a nice spot, and that the birthday girl was happy.

Everyone looked good.The birthday girl sure did look stunning. Wearing a three piece ensemble that was paired with a tiara. We all made sure that we looked good because Mpumie is not called the selfie queen for nothing. We took tons of pictures throughout the evening to help us capture the moment.

It was an extremely beautiful moment filled with loads of love, laughter and happiness. Of course there was a lot of delicious food and cake. No dinner or celebration is ever complete without loads of food. To the birthday girl I hope you had a beautiful evening, and cheers to many more to come.



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