Create your own world

I came across a quote by F Scott Fitzgerald :43457a97fc345f0b8d8bcf4270504aa3

It got me thinking about whether or not I am the person who I want to be. I literally had to take a moment to contemplate if I am becoming the Tandzile that I want to be not who my friends, family or parents expect me to be. Being who you want to be is not easy some people may not understand your point of view or even why you do what you do. F Scott Fitzgerald sums it all up for m when he says I hope you live a life that YOU are proud of. It is a bit scary knowing that you are ultimately responsible for making decisions that will lead you to the life that you are proud of.

Sometimes we limit ourselves by living life by a set of rules that society has set when there are no rules to this thing. Create your own rules as you go about daily life. Make the best out of each and every situation while viewing that particular situation from a different lens from everyone else. Stop setting boundaries for yourself. Think outside the box and try something new. You never know what that could lead to.

To sum this all up it is never too late or early to be who you want to be. Live a life that you are proud of and create your own reality.


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