Being comfortable in your skin

Being comfortable in your own skin is not an easy thing. I wish I could  say it is the easiest thing in the planet but we are constantly bombarded with images from the media portraying the “perfect body type”. This has done so much damage where you see people doing all that they can to be that body type. I am for people comfortable in their own skin and body, and doing what they see fit to improve their bodies such as exercising. After all exercise is good for you, and helps you have a healthy body.

I have been blessed to have parents that have been excellent role models to me in terms of being comfortable in your own skin. They encourage to take care of myself while loving embracing the way that God created. I have been brought up not to seek validation from people but to know  that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Seeking validation from people is dangerous because they might disappoint you one day, and not give you the validation that you want. What happens then?

The world is already full of so many  challenges do not let not being comfortable in your own skin be one of them. God only made one of you for a reason. You are a masterpiece. There is no one like you. Embrace yourself. Life is too short to let other people’s opinions of you bring you down.

I feel like this quote by Oprah perfectly sums up what I am trying to say.”The next time you look into the mirror, try to let go of the storyline that says  you’re too fat or too sallow, too ashy or too old, your eyes are too small or your nose too big; just look into the mirror and see your face.  When the criticism drops away, what you will see then is just you, without judgement, and that is the first step towards transforming your experience of the world.”- Oprah Winfrey

I chose to embrace myself the way that God made me.
“You’re damned if you are too thin and you’re damned if you are too heavy… It is impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying.”- Jennifer Aniston
“How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your own skin- that is what really make you beautiful.”- Bobbi Brown
“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest thing you can ever wear”- Taylor Swift

2 thoughts on “Being comfortable in your skin

  1. Hello
    I absolutely love what you just shared. Not only media can make people not being comfortable in their own skin but the people whom you surrounded with. I base this through experience from primary school,whereby a classmate of mine used to call me “Fat” and all other names you can think of. That name has been stuck in my head from day 1 till now, in as much as I have lost all the weight. It took me a while to regain my confidence because the insecurities I had about every little thing I see in my body. The point I’m trying to make here is that there is nothing amazing as having people who will accept you for who you are. This however will boost your esteem or self acceptance and help you become a better person each day.

    Lastly, the Bible says that every person is made through God’s image. And yes we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.


    1. Hey Baya,

      You are honestly one of the prettiest people that I know. You are beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. Being comfortable in your own skin is never easy but I’m glad that you are on the journey to self-acceptance. Most people who are mean to others usually have their own issues that they are dealing with. That isn’t an excuse to hurt other people though. You are fearfully and wonderfully made ❤️❤️ Love you lots


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