I am a person who values good conversation. Something that is hard to find these days. I thank God for blessing me with friends who also value good conversations. When I talk about good conversation I mean those in-depth conversations that leave you with a sense of wonder. Meaningful conversation that leave you with something to ponder as you toss and turn late at night as you try to fall asleep. Those conversations that go on for hours that make hard for you to leave as all you want to do is feed your soul with the  meaningful things that are being said. Conversations that turn a bond into a friendship and a friendship into a sisterhood.

Just thinking about all those meaningful conversations that I have with my close friends brings a smile to my face. Not all of those conversations were nice conversations. It was hard having certain conversations but those conversations have made me a better person. Someone who appreciates and wants to hear what people have to say. To the people who love conversations as much as me keep on conversing!



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