Me taking a selfie before our performance.
Me taking a selfie before our performance.

I am currently doing my first year in university, and it honestly isn’t what I thought it would be.  I live at one of the ladies residences at my university, and we had to perform during first years concert. I am truly grateful that they got a choreographer who came up with all the moves and taught us. I personally love dancing when I am dancing for fun with friends and family. This experience was totally different though. I began to resent some of the songs that I used to like because for me they symbolised the beginning of torture. I used to hate having to repeat the same dance moves over and over again until everyone got them right. I know that sounds selfish of me but at that point in time with your body aching everywhere all you want to do is rest and get a good nights sleep.


I never thought I would say this but now that the concert is done I am quite fond of those memories.  I can laugh about it now, and look back at all the lessons that I learnt.  Firstly,  I am stronger than I think.  Sometimes a person needs to be challenged before they can reach their full potential.  Secondly, working in a group isn’t easy because people bring their own personalities and some of those personalities clash. At that moment when you want to strangle someone the only person who can help is God. Taking a moment to pray and ask for patience can make a huge difference. Lastly, memories are a wonderful thing and it is even better that we can capture them by taking pictures. I love making memories and I never thought  my first years concert experience would be a fond one but I was pleasantly surprised.


Sometimes what we view as a hardship or struggle turns out to be a blessing in disguise. I can honestly say that if I hadn,t been forced to perform than I would not have. I would have missed a opportunity to make memories with all the other first years and to be a part of an important part of my universities history.


First years concert performance.
First years concert performance.

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